4 Skills Are more Important Than 4 Years Degree

 Let’s read 4 skills are more important than 4 years degree, all 4 are the basis of any skill. After that, it’s all about your practice and consistency.

Today young millennials and our parents and society force you to take four years or five years of a degree course, but you hardly get a job from this degree; finally, you need to develop these four skills to get your first job. You believe that I have taken a computer science degree from tier 1 college; we do not need to develop any skills.

But time and technology have been changing drastically. It doesn’t matter what degree you have completed; it will become out after a decade. Few professions always have edges like lawyer and doctor and many more. But till this profession need to develop these four skills to become up to date.

Reading: Reading a few pages every day apart from your domain and expertise; if you dream of becoming a billionaire or building a billion-dollar company as a founder or employee, you must have book-reading habits.

Just develop the habit of reading 20 pages every day; after 365 days, you can see yourself in the mirror; your personality and thinking patterns have changed. If you are already an avid book reader, share your best lesson in the comment section.

Writing: It does not mean that you become a writer; if you are naive to write, start with your daily goal, write your dream and desire on the paper; writing 10 minutes every day improves your clarity and declutter your mind. Reading and writing is raw food for our brain; you must feed them every day.

Listening: Listening is an art; it develops over periods. Please do not listen to anybody reply to them; listen to understand them. The question is, how do you know if you are listening to somebody. Listening to someone is not a listening Ramayan and Mahabharat (Ramayan and Mahabharat are ancient stories). Listening to someone means hearing from the heart and reply them by heart. A good listener never argues with anyone. A good listener always observes and then reacts.

“The single most important key to success is to be a good listener.”
― Kelly Wearstler

Speaking: Speak with humility and politeness. Only speak when needed; otherwise, silence is good; it saves your energy. Communicate with clarity; first, write it on paper if you do not know what to speak. It will give more clarity than you speak.

Conclusion: These 4 Skills Are More Important Than 4 Years Degree Courses, you never taught in your school or four years degree course, you need to develop yourself, even nobody guide to you establish such kind of skills. I developed all these skills due to famous self-help guru Brian Tracy; five years ago, I found his video on youtube. after that, I am still improving all four skills. As a founder, all four skills helped me solve day-to-day public dealing tasks. Anything extra, please add in the comment section. The article is originally published Author’s Medium profile. Thank you for reading.

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