Bill Gates Biography in His Words

 A book review on Impatient Optimist: Bill Gates Biography, in his words, is based on the theme of Alphabet start from A B C D E F  and so on… I choose a few of them who play a significant role in everyone’s life.

There is no need to introduce this Man, but if you are not aware of his habits, thinking, and risk-taking ability, you must read this book. More than a decade, becoming a number 1 position, you want to learn his strategy must read it.

Gates has consistently been ranked as one of the world’s wealthiest men and one of the most controversial founders and CEOs in history.

Few inspiring words insights from the book :

The beauty of this book, You can easily remember the crux of the book. Let’s see some alphabet from the book.

America: I was a huge beneficiary of this country’s unique willingness to take the risk on a young person.

American University: American University System is the best in the world

Analyzing other companies


Addiction to technology: If kids are addicted to personal computers or any technology, it’s far better than watching TV or Cartoons.

Acquiring other company

BAD News or BAD Reviews: There is a natural tendency for Bad News to travel faster than good news.

Being CEO

Being the face of Microsoft

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Bono: Become enthusiastic. First, it’s really having an impact. Bono is always saying. Yes, we can do this.

Breakthrough: A breakthrough is something that changes the behavior of Hundreds of Millions of People.

Business Computing

Business Standard







Cloud computing

College dropout

Competition: And great competitors spur companies on. 

Computers Vs. People

Concept of time

Corporate- Social- Responsibility

Corporate working environment: He always believed in a paperless office.

Creativity: It is the only Skill that you can survive in the 21st century.

Criticizing Employees: I have never criticized a person; I have criticized his ideas and executions.

Delegating: If you are planting seeds of a Billion Dollar company, you must know Art of Delegating.

Dropping out of Harvard: You are waiting to finish your degree rather than Dropout the college and start your company.

Early Competitors: Watch your competitors before planting your seeds

E-Books: We are living in a digital era; Digital reading completely changes the paper industry.

Economic Crisis: Every decade, one economic crisis comes. COVID-19 is the part of these decades.

Education Reforms: The education system has been reform Pen to Tab, School to Digital Classroom; you can review yourself.

Effective Meeting: I keep a specific subject in mind. He never wastes a lot of time talking about what we are doing well.

Employees: Employees are the real assets of your company

Encourage People:

Entrepreneurs: the Entrepreneurial mindset continues to thrive at Microsoft.

Eradicating Disease: Disease or virus can affect both either Rich or Poor countries. All Rich countries must unite and initiate Eradicate COVID-19 and AIDS, developed the vaccine, and sold the emerging countries at marginal cost.

Family Life: Family is part of my life; I always prioritize family life and corporate life. I knew  I’d get married and have children. As an entrepreneur, you never ignore it.

Fast Food: I don’t cook, so I eat McDonald’s more than people

Fear: Fear should guide you. You need to know how to handle latent fear.


Future of Technology: The virtual presence, it’s going to represent the real-world and what other people are interested in.

Geeks: Being a geek means you are willing to take a 400-page book on vaccine and technology, Where they work or not

Going with Gut


Ideal Employee

Internet: The Beauty of the internet is openness

The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.

IT Industry

Legacy: Legacy is a stupid thing. I don’t want a legacy.


Living a Normal Life

Loving His Job

Luck: It’s unusual to have so much luck in one life. You can achieve anything if you work harder and believe in it.

Making Decision

Making a Mistake

Marriage: Married life is a simpler life. When you together you can solve any problems of this planet earth.

Finding a Wife certainly took me a lot of time

Meeting product deadlines: Always meet your deadlines.

Microsoft Campus

Microsoft Stock 

Microsoft way

Microsoft Corporate culture

Money: Manage and release money on time

When you have money only you forget who are you but when you do not have any money, the whole world forgets who you are. It’s life!


Past: I do not waste time on Past

Paul Allen: Bill Gates best childhood friend and Co-founder of Microsoft

Personality: I am an optimist, but I am an impatient optimist.

Philanthropy: Philanthropy is the passion of every self-made Billionaire

Conclusion: Many people do not want to read biographies line by line of a book, so I want to create my own alphabet techniques so you can easily remember points.

It might be some vocabulary can be boring, but some are really important. One vocabulary can create new ideas, and another vocabulary can make you more disciplined in your life.

You can think and act like Bill Gates. If You want to know more about Bill, I highly recommended the book is Impatient Optimist by Lisa Rogak. I hope you have learned something new. Thank you for reading!

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