Barack Obama Reading List Summer 2021

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Let’s read it, former President Barack Obama reading list and make your own list for next summer.

There is no need for the introduction of the ex-president of the USA.

But I will introduce his reading habit; He is an avid book reader, He often shares his reading list from time to time, and over the year, it has become a sensation in the reading community and book lovers. I am eagerly waiting for his list. Today morning I was scrolling Medium I got this list. 


Barack Obama reading list
Barack Obama reading list
  1. Night All Blood Is Black — David Diop

This is a historic novel originally written in French and later translated into English.  the book also won the booker prize of 2021

     2. Land of Big Numbers — Te-Ping Chen:

The book consists of mini-stories of China about the diverse life of theirs native people.

     3. Empire of Pain — Patrick Radden Keefe

Empire of Pain is the story of three generations of Pharmaceutical American companies.

     4. Project Hail Mary — Andy Weir

This is a science fiction novel; The author has also written a famous novel: The Martin.

     5. When We Cease to Understand the World — Benjamín Labatut

One of the best books for fictional tales is stories based on scientists and mathematicians who shaped the world like Albert Einstein and many more.

     6. Under a White Sky: The Nature of the Future — Elizabeth Kolbert

The Author is trying to solve humankind and raise the question and save the nature of the future.

     7. Things We Lost to the Water — Eric Nguyen

The book is based on a Vietannami immigrant who moves to another city with two sons, but her husband stays in Vietnam.

     8. Leave The World Behind — Rumaan Alamck

The novel explores the two families race, class and family dynamics; one family is black while another one is white.

     9. Klara and the Sun — Kazuo Ishiguro

Author explaining artificial intelligence through the eye of human nature. If you belong to tech-driven organizations, you must read it. The author also won the prize for this book.

     10. The Sweetness of Water — Nathan Harris

This is a fictional novel based on the end of the American Civil war. The book was also a collection of Oprah book club.

  11. Intimacies — Katie Kitamura1.

The story of a woman who shares their new path and challenges.

Note: If you are paid members of Medium, you can read this complete book list. Click here; although I have only written a brief intro about books, it might be different. Once I read the books, I will share the details of lessons from few books soon. Thanks for reading!

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