Billion Dollar Company or Billion Dollar Relationship

Billion Dollar relationship
Microsoft Multi-Billion Dollar organisation

Building a billion-dollar company isn’t require a billion Dollar relationship.

Building a billion-dollar company, you must require a billion-dollar relationship with your spouse, employees and key investors.

Without the billion-dollar relationship, you can not go a decade or more than that, so the base of the billion Dollar company is billion Dollar relationship.

But recent news Melinda and Bill Gates’s divorce case force me to think it over.
Yes, I agree this is the personal reason for both of them.

In the history of others, Billionaires also got the divorce but the reason was Company is either bankrupt or other illegal issue involved by them, in this case, nothing as such the Bill gates case.
The company is running well. As it seems, everything is perfect. Still, they wanted to separate from each other, and it could be a personal reason.

The good news is that they separated from themselves, not from the company. They remain the Co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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