Covid-19 is neither 1st pandemics nor the last pandemics Covid-19 is neither 1st pandemics nor the last pandemics

Don’t be panic from COVID-19 Second Waves and Third Waves; there were a dozen pandemics that came and went; I have highlighted five major pandemics; you can read and be prepared yourself for the next waves. Here is a list of Pandemics/epidemics that have largely remained obscure. Cyprian Plague: The plague appears around 250 AD…

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Covid-19 second waves and my lessons Covid-19 second waves and my lessons

Let’s read the Second Wave and my lessons: As an entrepreneurial instinct, I master anticipating the future, especially when European and Western Country already suffered; we need to prepare for it. First wave and its lessons I managed the first wave of March 2020 very beautifully because I observed the China case. I am from…

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Redefining People's Food habits Redefining People's Food habits

Redefine your food habits; Redefine your Success! what kind of habits you can inculcate while you eat. Habits, you know, what are eating habits? Also, you know. Somehow less and more from your childhood. Now I define it; according to time and technology, you need to change it. Now we are a human, a creature…

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Causes-of-Crohns-disease Causes-of-Crohns-disease

Crohn’s disease is a long-term inflammatory bowel disease that severely hampers the quality of one’s life and can have debilitating effects if gone unresolved. It causes severe inflammation in multiple digestive tract regions, leading to abdominal cramps, weight loss, diarrhea, etc. At present, it is unknown what causes the disease. Still, it is speculated that…

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