Compelling Intro and Micro Video

Create your compelling Intro in the form of micro-video; it will give you ultra success in your life.

Tell me about yourself; this question asked you from kindergarten to getting your first job. But the irony is you never take it seriously; even when I had just graduated a few years ago, I never took it seriously; this was my biggest mistake. Although I have managed that time, now I am raising seed funds for my startups; I meet CXO or Senior Venture Executives. I used to give a short introduction; it does not take more than 90 seconds.

The best brief Intro is less than 60 seconds. So my Intro is like that “My Name is Shyamdeo Ranjan, An alumnus of IIT Delhi, father, husband, an avid book reader, and I believe in building people’s life.” On similar notes, you can create your own better than mine, and please write your Intro in the comment sections. So I can improve my Intro better.


“Create videos with a distinct purpose. Anticipate your ideal consumer’s needs and create content to address those needs.” — @BrianRotsztein

I am running a food-tech startup, and almost every venture capitalist asks us for a small video about my products and service. And I am planning to shoot a video it’s not more than 90 seconds or 120 seconds videos. So not only products you can create compelling Intro in the formate of micro-video; still this task pending for me due to I have run with poor health even my voice also changes due to cold and weather changes, by next month I will start working on it.

Conclusion: Nobody will ask about your degree and qualification if your Intro is compelling, there was a time when you got a job based on your degree or qualification, but now the time has been changed

Five years ago, we did not have enough bandwidth or internet speed, so we avoided any video presentations; now you have enough speed in your palm, you can click it and watch it, there is no need to visit physically, and corona has changed everything drastically;

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