Procrastination Is Like Credit Card

procrastination is like credit card
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Let’s read procrastination is like a credits card.

Everybody somehow must suffer from prcrastination and become habitual to using credit cards. Both are compelling you to pay more amount and more hard work in the future.

After using a credit card for more than five years, I become habitual to procrastinate to do unnecessary things and pay more or more hard work in the future. In the present and future, you will get the same amount of time, but in the future, you will get more responsibility, more work and more children’s. So never pile up anything for the future, developed the habits of doing it now,
Although I recently discontinued it, not because of the unnecessary billing amount, it killed my productivity. I used to do unplanned shopping; Now, I am saving my energy, time, and money.
This decision is changed my life; I become more disciplined;

Procrastination is like a credit card; it is a lot of fun until you get the bill” _ Christopher Parker.

Procrastination gives you satisfaction in the present moment and pays more hard work in the future, just similar to credits card,

It would be best to avoid both; Procrastination keeps you busy yesterday, while credits card makes you more deficient in the future.

As a young millennial, you ignore both your early life or college life; You always wanted to do unnecessary and unproductive things in the present moment that will lead you to the habit of procrastination and later, you will regret it. So avoid it.
If you used a credit card in the past, share your lessons in the comment sections. The article is originally published on Author’s  Medium profile. Thank You!

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