The 10X Rules For Startups

Let’s read The 10X Rules for startups:

We are building a food-tech startup, and trying to set everything 10X better.

  1. Make your product and service 10X better from the present.
  2. Make your product and service 10X better than your competitors.
  3. Hire your team 10X better.
  4. Scale your Products and service 10X Speed, So competitors never even think to copy it. If your scaling speed is low, anybody can copy your products.
  5. Manage your money before 10X month.
  6. First, 10 members hire 10X better than you(founder)
  7. Raise your fund 10X.
  8. Set your Vision and Mission 10X.
  9. Think 10X years ahead.
  10. Serve and respond to your customers 10X better.

Whatever products and services you want to build, just set your target 10X; nobody can stop you.

Anything 10X, please add in the comment section. The article is originally published on Medium. Thank you for reading.

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