You Are Forced to Live Mediocre Life

If you do not create opportunities in your crisis, you forced to live a mediocre life

There are a lot of external factors that force you to live a mediocre life, like Covid-19 the Russia and Ukraine war. And many more, but we can think about the first and second world war situations. Now we can learn many things from our history and create new opportunities for society and for yourself.

Few people believe to create opportunity in crisis:

Many startup Founders are getting funds because they created an opportunity for Billions of People in these adverse conditions. But, not only startups founders, many people break their parents’ and society’s beliefs, and they achieved extraordinary in their lives. Because they created opportunities in their crisis.You need a courage to act in the crisis.

Covid-19 did not happen only for selected people; it happened with everyone, including you and me.

I have created a Blog amid Covid-19; before covid, we do not know anything about WordPress websites and SEO; that 6-month of lockdown teaches me many things. I am started earning $1 per month. Mediocre lives only break if you have enough earnings every month. then there is no worry for external circumstances.

“Never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” Rahm Emanuel

Majority of the People are Blaming:

The majority of the people are blaming their circumstances my a lot of friends got fired from their job, and they are blaming an external factor. And hoping something good will be happing without doing anything.

Before the Pandemic, I was running our online food-tech venture, and I was happy. I want to call myself a serial entrepreneur, serial entrepreneurs’ core belief is that they never watch to pass on any opportunities; they ready to catch the opportunity. After the Pandemic, you can see the Russia and Ukraine war also help to get continued you fired from the job. So do something whatever you have available in your hands.

Conclusion: See, every crisis brings new opportunities; it depends on you respond to them. Please do not blame the circumstances; nothing will change you; it’s only drawing your energy. So you can save your energy and use it to create opportunities on your crisis. The article is originally published Medium. Thanks for reading.

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