Nobody Would Respect Your Hard Work

A Young Man at Job

Nobody would respect your hard work; they would respect your output.

If you do not convert your hard work into fruitful output, nobody in the world will respect your hard work.

Always try to focus on output.

On similar notes:

If you plant a tree and that tree you do not give you any fruits, you will no longer take care of it. It’s no matter how carefully you planted the tree.

When your neighbour, colleague, parents, and parents do not appreciate your hard work, the time has been changed. Nowadays, people become more greedy and more selfish. They only want to see your glory, and this is the truth of human nature.
There are a rare human being on this planet those who respect your hard work.

Focus on your work and the lessons you learnt from the last failure.


If your hard work does not sunshine, don’t worry about other people opinions. Successful people never listen to other people opinions; if you listen to other people opinions, you will become tame in your life. You will never convert your hard work into fruitful output.

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